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Image by Sincerely Media


Make Up Mock Up
Brand Video

Towards the end of completing my Makeup Beauty Degree at the Canada Beauty College, I was tasked to present my branding as an MUA. 

This is how I envisioned my brand - cool, edgy, and energetic. This was a mock-up video, with original footage blended in. The look and feel was intended to mimic a commercial you'd see in the theatre right before a rom com. 


UPS "Holiday Video"
(school project)

During the peak of the pandemic, many families weren't able to physically spend the holidays together, let alone exchange gifts. 

The idea? UPS sets up a special QR code with a video message from a loved one to go along with the package (gift). Think of it like a video-holiday card. 


(School Project)

The task was to weave Pride into the Bud Light campaign that was genuine, meaningful and unique, in a :05 sec YT pre-roll ad. 


The Evil witch 

(A Video Essay)

The challenge was to defend Maleficent's long and widely misinterpreted history in a 8 min video essay. 

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